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 What got you here, won't get you there.

 I work with clients to help them through the single biggest financial decision of their life - retirement.
 Let's talk about how we can work together to navigate the biggest financial decision you will face.
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The years leading up to retirement and the decisions made at retirement cannot be based on the same rules used while you were building your nest egg. 

They partner with me to develop a road map, monitor the journey, and adjust as needed.  My retirement plans reduce fees and taxes, optimizes income during retirement, and promotes peace of mind for whatever life events come your way.
Many of my clients had been managing their financial lives and diligently saving on their own. Some have worked with an insurance broker or with an investment broker to build their nest egg. As they near retirement, they recognize the complexity of withdrawals, tax planning, fee reduction, and portfolio optimization requires expertise in multiple areas.  Many retirees realize that going it alone or using an investment broker is no longer the best approach for this next stage.




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