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Initial Consultation     To schedule an Initial Consultation email mail@colleenweber.com or call 952-470-0750.   This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and determine if there is a good "fit" between your needs and the services we offer.  This in-person meeting is held in our Chanhassen office and typically lasts one hour.

Integrated Financial Plan
Each client relationship starts with an Integrated Financial Plan.  This process includes a thorough review, analysis, and written recommendations in these areas:  goals, net worth, cash flow, retirement, investment, and tax planning.  An integrated financial plan ensures that all financial areas are working together.  It also means that a recommendation in one area will not come as a detriment to another area.  The Integrated Financial Plan Includes in-person 90-minute plan review meeting(s), education materials applicable to your situation, and financial planning organizer kit. You'll receive a holistic, balanced approach to your financial situation and see how small changes can positively impact your financial success. 

Wealth Management
Wealth Management is best suited for clients with investments assets of $500k+ and/or household income of $200k+
After the Integrated Financial Plan completion, we'll work with you to implement the recommendations, coordinate with other professionals (insurance, estate, legal, tax, etc.), and assist in a smooth transition of your investment assets to an independent low-cost custodian, typically Charles Schwab, Inc.  After implementation and asset transfer, we work closely together throughout the year to ensure you are progressing towards your goals.  This includes monitoring and managing your investment portfolio, updating your financial plan, incorporating new tax laws, preparing your personal tax return, and working through any issues that arise throughout the year.
Communication is an important part of this relationship.  We like to meet in-person with clients on a regular and as-needed basis as well as communicate by phone, email, and recurring newsletters.  Also, we ask clients to keep us abreast of changes in their lives affecting their financial situation. 
When you are ready, please contact us to schedule your Initial Consultation. 
We’ll talk about your needs and goals and determine how we can work together to meet
your needs and position you to reach your goals.
We strive to engage with individuals with whom we can have a long-term,
trusting, and valued relationship.

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