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24 Mar
The Tele-working Revolution

One of the biggest economic impacts of the Covid-19 epidemic is not the second quarter economic decline, but the longer-term ways it could transform our global economy—potentially for the better.  The world has been forced to go digital on an unprecedented scale, and more companies are now accepting a teleworking environment that many have resisted over the years. We are all experimenting with potentially a more efficient work modality, and it’s possible that we—workers and corporations—won’t ever go back.

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24 Mar
The Plague Continues

After we endured the 2008-9 Great Recession, where the global economy was brought to its knees (due to enrichment schemes by Wall Street and its brokers), we thought we’d seen the worst market in our lifetimes.  Some of us thought the same thing during the Tech Wreck at the start of the century.

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12 Mar
What You Need To Know About Recessions And Bear Markets

As global markets continue their roller coaster ride due to fears surrounding the coronavirus, our most recent bull market officially turned into a bear market. But what does that mean? And are we on the verge of another recession like the one we had in 2008?

In light of all these concerns, today we’ll share what you need to know about recessions and bear markets. If you are worried about your portfolio, we understand and we’re here to help. Feel free to contact our office to get answers to your specific questions. 

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26 Feb
What Should You Do About The Coronavirus And Stock Market Volatility?

The financial markets took a big dip early this week over fears about the spreading coronavirus, erasing gains from earlier this year. After the Dow lost over 800 points on Tuesday, it was down a total of 1,900 points in two days. 

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05 Feb
How To Prepare For Tax Season

By Colleen Weber, CFP®, CPA

Tax season often brings up plenty of anxiety. It’s not that Americans are against paying taxes, (1) it’s because the whole process is complicated. With over 900 IRS forms available (2) and constant policy changes being implemented, such as the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act and the new SECURE Act, it’s no wonder that 50% of people would rather be called for jury duty than file their taxes. (3)

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08 Jan
What Might We Expect The Markets To Do In 2020?

By Colleen Weber, CFP®, CPA

How was your 2019? Did it blow away your expectations or just leave you feeling let down? Well, for our markets, 2019 was definitely the former. We said goodbye to 2018 with a difficult December where the market dropped drastically due to recession worries, then enjoyed a 2019 full of unexpected, stellar returns. Does that mean we’ll see a repeat performance for 2020 or should we temper our excitement? 

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05 Dec
Five Financial Actions To Take Before The Ball Drops

By Colleen Weber, CFP®, CPA

If you’re like most Americans, you spend the month of December neck-deep in Christmas parties, shopping for gifts, and planning for travel. You probably only think about your finances when you look at your credit card statements and see how much you’ve spent this season.

But since finance-related resolutions are always a popular choice, (1) why don’t you give yourself a head start on your 2020 financial goals? Here are 5 critical financial actions you’ll be glad you tackled when the ball drops on New Year’s Eve!

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08 Nov
The Pros And Cons Of Deferred Compensation

By Colleen Weber, CFP®, CPA

If you’re a high-income-earner, you have some challenges when it comes to tax-advantaged investing strategies. But just because government restrictions make it harder to invest in traditional accounts, such as Roth IRAs with their income phaseout rules and 401(ks) with their contribution limits, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Your company’s deferred compensation plan may be your ticket to minimizing your taxes. But before signing on the dotted line, you need to understand how these plans work and the pros and cons of participating in one.

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14 Oct
10 Things To Do Within 10 Years Of Retirement

By Colleen Weber, CFP®, CPA

After working tirelessly for many years, retirement is just around the corner. This may fill some of you with excitement, and others of you with panic at all that still needs to be done before you clock out for the last time. If it seems like your retirement checklist is never-ending and you don’t know where to start, prioritize these 10 things to do as you start your 10-year countdown to retirement. 

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18 Sep
What To Do When Your Stock Options Vest

By Colleen Weber, CFP®, CPA

While many people have access to employee stock options through their employer, the process and details are often confusing. Between taxation, diversification, and more fine print than you know what to do with, it would be easy to stick your head in the sand and not take advantage of your stock options. But stock options can benefit your overall financial plan if you have the right information and make wise decisions. That’s what I want to help you with. So, if you’ve been granted stock options and stayed with your company long enough for them to vest, keep reading.

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