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18 Oct
How to Protect Your Wealth in a Volatile Market

By Colleen Weber, CFP®, CPA

Benjamin Graham once said, “In the short run, the market is a voting machine, but in the long run, it is a weighing machine.” This quote may seem confusing on the surface, but the point is quite simple: in the short run, the market acts like a popularity contest with investors chasing the hottest trend of the moment. The votes are tallied, and the most “popular” stock gets the highest price, regardless of its true value. In the long run, however, the popularity contest fades and the market starts to reflect the true value of the stocks.

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10 Sep
The Real Benefits of Diversification

By Colleen Weber, CFP®, CPA

Thomas Jefferson said, “With great risk comes great reward.” But certainly there needs to be wisdom in recognizing how much risk is too much risk—especially when it comes to your investment portfolio. This is where diversification comes into play. 

Diversification can help you offset risk and reach your goals with an added level of confidence. Even if you already have a good understanding of diversification, it’s wise to review its importance and some examples to gain more clarity.

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05 Apr
The Benefits Of Working With A Fiduciary

By Colleen Weber, CFP®, CPA

There are financial advisors everywhere you turn. The problem is not finding one, but finding the right one—someone you can trust to provide honest advice and help you achieve your goals.

Unfortunately, whether someone calls themselves a financial advisor, financial planner, wealth manager, or financial consultant, it doesn’t tell the consumer anything about the standard to which the advisor is held. This can be incredibly confusing for many people. It’s important to not look for a particular job title but ask your current or prospective financial advisor whether or not they are held to the fiduciary standard. Only then will you know if the advisor truly has your best interests at heart.

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25 Jan
It’s A New Year! Is It Time To Reevaluate Your Financial Plan?

By Colleen Weber, CFP®, CPA

The new year has begun, and we are all trying to keep our resolutions: eating healthier, exercising more…but that pint of ice cream in the freezer is calling your name. I can’t help you keep all your New Year’s resolutions, but I can help you with your financial plan. You should reevaluate your financial plan on a regular basis, and the start of a new year is as good a time as any. Here are a few items to keep in mind when reviewing your plan. 

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03 Jun
Should You Really Be Helping Your Adult Children Financially?

By Colleen Weber, CFP®, CPA

When the 2008/2009 financial crisis hit, many millennials were just entering the workforce or in the early years of their career. With high unemployment and overqualified people applying for jobs, the younger generation was hit hard and many young adults had to move home or make unexpected life changes. Well, it’s happening again, and millennials and the older half of Generation Z are hurting financially since many of them work in industries that have taken the brunt of the coronavirus shutdowns. (1)

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07 Apr
2018 First Quarter Market Report

2018 First Quarter Market Report

Is the bull market finally over?  For the first time in nine calendar quarters, the U.S. investment markets delivered a negative overall return.  It was only a slight decline, but the decline reminds us that markets can and do go down from time to time.

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06 Apr


Last year, it was hard to turn on your computer without reading about the dramatic rise in cryptocurrency values, or see advertisements for ways that you, too, could participate in this get-rich-quick opportunity to buy virtual money that is backed by no government on Earth.

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