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Wealth Management

Imagine a trusted financial advisor looking out for you during all market conditions, when tax laws change, and when you experience life events.

An advisor that proactively plans for whatever scenarios may occur in your life.  A financial advisor that listens to your concerns and helps you navigate all the ups and downs of life as they impact you financially.

 This is what I do for my clients every day.  This is what you deserve as well.

Busy Professionals

The demands of work and family life make it difficult to stay on top of investing and financial planning. Your compensation includes company stock and you want to make the most of it.  You want to work with an advisor that can help you prevent something from falling through the cracks.

Focus areas:

  • navigate the priorities of saving for your retirement and helping kids
  • understanding and optimizing your equity compensation; stock options, restricted stock, etc.
  • maximizing benefits offered through employer
  • developing a financial roadmap to ensure you stay on track
  • ensuring you have the “bases covered” for unexpected events
Retired (or close to it)

You are close to retirement or have recently retired.  The rules of saving seemed “easier” than the rules of distribution.  There is more at stake now than 15 years ago and you want to avoid a costly mistake.

Focus areas:

  • making the best choices for pensions and social security
  • helping “crack the nest egg” in a smart and tax-efficient manner
  • navigating the transition from employer paycheck to portfolio paycheck
  • guiding you to spend enough to enjoy retirement life but not too much so it lasts
  • saving on taxes and fees so you keep more of your money


Women and Money

You’re in charge of your finances now.  Whether through divorce or death you are now managing your finances.   You want to work with someone you trust.  Someone that can meet you where you are at and help you move forward.

Focus areas:

  • developing a plan that provides for you and protects your financial future
  • helping you understand the investing and financial world in plain English
  • listening to your goals and concerns and making a plan to address them


The fee for Wealth Management Services is a flat annual fee. The fee is paid directly from the accounts under management quarterly.  The fee is set based on the complexity of your situation, the overall value of your portfolio, and the level of advice required for your situation.

Fee Examples:

$1.5M portfolio, average complexity, average level of advice needed $12,500 annual

$3.0M portfolio, average complexity, average level of advice needed $17,500 annual

You will receive a fee quote for your situation when we meet.

I do not impose a minimum investment amount.  However, due to the minimum annual fee of $8,000 it is most economical for portfolios of $750,000+ and/or high income earners building their savings.