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17 May
Advance Directives in the Real World

Many people wait too long to create advance health directives and designate a health care surrogate, and the results can be tragic.  A recent article, by a physician who is also a financial planner, illustrates a not-uncommon situation that nobody wants to find themselves in.

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09 May
Habits for Entrepreneurship

Virgin Group founder and self-made billionaire Richard Branson dropped out of school at the age of 16 to start Student Magazine, and later founded Virgin Records—and a few other businesses along the way.  Over time and various blog posts, he has recorded some thoughts on how to be successful in business and in life, apparently without taking himself too seriously.

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03 May
Rich or Comfortable?

What would you have to make to be a one-percenter—that is, to have an income in the upper one percent of the population—in the U.S., Singapore, China, Brazil, England or Australia?  The answer, of course, differs in every country. At the bottom of the scale, someone earning $81,000 a year in India is in the upper one percent, while in the oil rich United Arab Emirates, you’d need to earn $891,000.

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10 Apr
What To Do During Market Volatility

By Colleen Weber, CFP®, CPA

You watch the market price of your investments spike up and dip down erratically and it’s got you worried. I get it. It’s tempting to want to pull out of the market the second you see things going south. But honestly, market volatility is unavoidable. So what do you do during these uneasy times? To help you prepare for the inevitable ups and downs of the market, follow this three-part plan.

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06 Mar
What Does Retirement Mean To You?

By Colleen Weber, CFP®, CPA

What do you think of when you hear the word retirement? Spending your days on a golf course? Sleeping in as late as you want? Flying down to Arizona for the winter? Doing absolutely nothing for the first time in your adult life?

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28 Jan
How Might The Market Behave In 2019?

By Colleen Weber, CFP®, CPA

People are talking. They’re anxious to see where the market is headed. Maybe you’re one of those people, wondering what 2019 holds, what the economy will do, how you can prepare. Wishing someone with a crystal ball would show up to predict the year to come.

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09 Jan
Jump-Start Your Financial Plan for 2019!

By Colleen Weber, CFP®, CPA

As you celebrated the start of a new year, did you join the millions of others who use this fresh start to conquer goals and accomplish things that are important to them? While setting New Year’s resolutions is a healthy way to set your intentions for the year, 80% of resolutions fail by February. (1) Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. If you have dreams of making 2019 your best financial year yet, these 7 small but impactful steps will help you jump-start your financial plan and set a firm foundation for your financial life.

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06 Dec
Happy Holidays From Colleen Weber Wealth Management

With the holiday season in full swing, our team at Colleen Weber CPA, CFP® would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a happy holiday and a wonderful new year! We are grateful to have clients like you and appreciate your trust in us to provide exceptional services that help you save money on taxes, simplify your financial life, and enjoy increased peace of mind.

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14 Nov
The Benefits Of Gratitude

With the end of the year and the holiday season upon us (especially Thanksgiving), I thought that it would be perfectly fitting to spend some time talking about gratitude. Sometimes we let the busyness of life, work, and all the other distractions out there get the best of us, causing us to completely forget about expressing gratitude to ourselves and others. In addition, we are so naturally inclined to think into the future, whether it be to obtain more “things,” achieve the next milestone, etc., that we never stop to be grateful for what we have in the present moment. My hope is that in reading on about the benefits of gratitude, you will adopt more of an “attitude of gratitude” in your daily life.

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22 Oct
Generational Financial Divide

If some random person off the street handed you $10,000 in cash, no strings attached, and would pay the taxes on this windfall, what would you do with it?

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